In Canada and the United States, Aviel speaks to Jewish and non-Jewish groups alike, about how awareness of the Hebrew Alef-Bet brings joy and creativity to one's spiritual practice and guides us in ways to connect with the Divine and relate to others. There are teachings within each letter and in the spaces in between!

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Netivat Sofrut

The Saga of the Soferet, a dramatic tale of the road less traveled, including provocative discussion of the political and Jewish legal complexities of Aviel's work.


All courses are available to be taught in person or via correspondence.

ShalhevetYah: Holy Flame of the Alef-Bet

This Hebrew calligraphy and Midrash class will intimately acquaint us with the essence of each letter as a Divine manifestation. Embracing our traditions and heritage through the act of writing sacred forms draws G@D's presence into the world. This hands-on creative approach will serve to deepen our experience of G@D and our individual/tribal potential, help us grow as Jews regardless of our origins, and aid us in discovering how to begin a dialogue about Tiqun Olam, Repair of the World. The goal is to produce a piece of meaningful original Hebrew calligraphy.

Sh'ma Yisra'el

A workshop suitable for elementary aged kids who want to learn how to write with a quill on parchment!

Breyshit to Yisraeyl: An Exploration of Rare Letters in the Sefer Torah

Our Sefer Torah contains 22 very special letters and several mysterious dot-patterns. In this Midrash class, we will discover the relevance and meaning behind these letters which must be written very large, very small or backwards in relation to the others and these symbols which raise our consciousness to present-day events and issues. Using projected images, these letters which are full of ideas of how we can connect with The Divine, care for the Earth and relate to each other, are explored. We will look at how our ancient tradition can inspire hope, activism, creativity, justice and healing for today.

We will create a foundation from which to grow into their sacred place and walk with The Holy One in a rapidly changing world.

Check Your Own Mezuzah

This workshop encourages us to keep the mitzvah of placing Mezuzot in our homes and checking them twice every seven years by teaching how to tell if a Mezuzah is kosher. This empowers us to know before we buy a scroll what to look for, and informs us on the proper home care and feeding of a Mezuzah (*wink*).

Love Sparks: Sacred Sexuality and the Hebrew Letters

Grounded in traditional Jewish mysticism, in this class we will uncover each consonant and noun of the Alef-Bet to reveal layers of teachings they have to offer us regarding present-ness within intimate relationships. Fuelled by the belief that sacred partnership will bring Tiqun Olam, the Kabbalists of Tzfat plumbed the depths of form and sound. Together we will explore their journey of deepening intimacy, dealing with fear, and the birth and re-birth of the Self through yedidut with G!D and partner using the letters as the key...